DRP Enters Agreement with MDEQ


Detroit Renewable Power (DRP) has entered an agreement with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to manage odor issues at the DRP facility.

DRP has worked collaboratively with MDEQ for more than a year to evaluate and address the challenge of odors from its facility. The Consent Judgment signed by MDEQ and DRP addresses this challenge with a clear and achievable schedule of milestones.

Since acquiring the EFW facility in 2010, DRP has worked diligently to optimize technologies, processes, and infrastructure, and to better reduce and manage potential for odors. DRP is confident that, continuing to work closely with MDEQ, the company will meet fully the requirements of the Consent Judgment and attend to public concerns over odor issues.

DRP remains committed to the long-term civic, environmental, and economic health of Detroit and believes that the plans outlined in the Consent Judgment provide a strong foundation for the future.

News Media Contacts:
Truscott Rossman

Shaun Wilson

Dan Herrick